Hi, I’m currently a Software Engineer at Front based out of SF, working on the Insights and Analytics team. I’ve instrumented and launched features such as CSAT, accounts, SLA Achievement, and more.

Previously, I was an engineer on the Payment Processing team at AWS. Our team managed the payment execution life-cycles for all AWS bills. Among other things, I helped launch Advanced Pay.

This site contains articles that on various topics ranging from technology to startups. Currently, the main focus is on technology, but this may change in the future. I used to have a books section, but I’ve instead moved to use GoodReads instead.

My interests are vast, but I’m currently most interested in real applications of crypto, scalability, and distributed computing. I like “wearing many hats” that allow me to understand the intersectionality of different domains. I also tend to gravitate toward books on psychology, physics, and economics.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I was semi-pro in League of Legends.
  • I’m Korean American (came to the States when I was 8).
  • I use (neo)vim extensively.
  • I’ve been to pretty much all coffee shops in Seattle.


If you want to reach me, you can find me on:

Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.